A Parish on Its Way

15 May

When I arrived home from college one of the first things I did was look up the Mass and confession schedules for parishes I’d like to visit over the summer. One such parish was St. Rose of Lima in Perrysburg, Ohio. Today I went there for confession. I hadn’t been there in years, certainly not since I was old enough to be interested in liturgical reform and such. When I walked in I was pleased to see six candles on the (unused) high altar, an altar frontal on the freestanding altar with matching frontals on the ambo and lectern, and a small but present crucifix on the freestanding altar! I knew at once that this parish was on its way to fulfilling the true reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

It isn’t quite there yet though… there was someone setting up music stands in the sanctuary for the choir, there was a grand piano in the nave, and (most unfortunately) the presider’s chair was behind the freestanding altar (in front of – but not blocking the view of – the tabernacle). However, after reading the parish bulletin I am convinced that this parish is doing great things. The pastor mentions Fr. Z in his letter and the following page is a “continued Catechesis on the Holy Eucharist.” I keep telling my family, in twenty years the Church in America will look more like it did in 1969 then it did in 1975! Brick by brick as they say.


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